Teaching and Instructional Design

I’ve instructed Doctor of Pharmacy, Master of Public Health, and Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences students in a host of courses. I aim to leverage my multidisciplinary training in pharmacy and epidemiology to provide real-world skillsets for these diverse students.

Student Testimonials

“[Kaley’s course content was] very clear, the content of the course I found could be complex at times but Kaley was able to simplify it and make it easy to understand.” (PharmD student, Critical Appraisal course [TA, lecturer role], Winter 2020)

“[Kaley was] very helpful! When students were unclear about a topic she addressed it right away, even created a extra short lecture to help explain a certain concept (PP [Per Protocol analysis] and ITT [Intention-to-Treat]).” (PharmD student, Critical Appraisal course [TA, lecturer role], Winter 2020)

​”Very confident [in Kaley’s knowledge], there wasn’t a question in my experience that Kaley could not answer with regards to course material.” (PharmD student, Critical Appraisal course [TA, lecturer role], Winter 2020)

Philosophy of Teaching

The four major pillars of my teaching philosophy are active learning, strong student-teacher relationships, real-world focus, and multi-media instruction. Although many of the students I teach will not become academics, I believe that these students must be able to evaluate and understand scientific literature in the fast-paced, data-driven world of healthcare and public health. My ultimate teaching aim is to develop future clinicians, researchers, and public health professionals who can conduct and understand sophisticated research. 

A full copy of my teaching philosophy can be downloaded here:

Example Lectures and Course Sessions Taught

1. Preparation for Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences (PHM330) – PharmD Program, University of Toronto

“Critical Appraisal of a Clinical Trial: Design and Bias” (4 modules) – Last delivered March 2020

2. Critical Appraisal (PHM606H) – PharmD for Pharmacists Program, University of Toronto

“Intention-to-Treat Analyses” (Online Module) – Last delivered Jan 2020

“Non-inferiority Trials” (Online Module) – Last delivered Jan 2020


3. Scientific Overviews in Epidemiology (CHL5418) – Master of Public Health Program, Epidemiology Division, University of Toronto

“Conducting meta-analysis in Excel and R” (Tutorial, adapted from George Tomlinson) – Last delivered March 2020

4. Introduction to Pharmacoepidemiology (JRH1000), Cross-disciplinary graduate course, University of Toronto

“Epidemiology and Pharmacology: Entangled!” – Last delivered November 2019


5. International Society for Pharmacoepidemiology, University of Toronto Chapter

6. Canadian Institutes of Health Research Drug Safety and Effectiveness Cross Disciplinary Training Program

“Introduction to Pharmacoepidemiology” (co-instructor: S. Cadarette) – Last delivered November 2019


7. Becoming a Leader (PHARM 5828), University of Pittsburgh, PharmD Program

Full list of lectures taught is available via the CV tab

Teaching Training Programs

Pharmacy Academic Administration Internship, University of Pittsburgh

Jan – Apr 2017

In this 10-week Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience, I underwent an intensive experiential learning experience in multiple facets of academia under the auspices of Dr. Susan Meyer, PhD (Pharmacy Practice Education). Each day I attended a one-on-one mentoring session on instructional design, learning activity development, or student/faculty assessment with Dr. Meyer. I also received personalized reading lists each week to complement our lessons.

I had multiple opportunities to apply the concepts learned from Dr. Meyer at the classroom and curriculum level. Firstly, I co-designed competencies and curricula for the Pitt Pharmacy PharmacoAnalytics PharmD stream, Master of Science, and PhD programs alongside School of Pharmacy and Health Information Sciences faculty. In addition, I co-instructed the 5-week PharmD course Becoming a Leader, where I designed and delivered 2 new course modules (pre-readings, lecture, discussion, and assessment): 1) Leading a Team (attached above), and 2) Women in Leadership. In addition, I co-designed and delivered a lecture and assessment on Medical Marijuana regulations in Pennsylvania to students of the Pharmacy Technician program at Bidwell Training Center.

Finally, I applied my skills in instructional design and curriculum development by spearheading and presenting a program proposal for a University of Pittsburgh interdisciplinary course on Visual Arts and Interprofessional Communication, which was presented to the University of Pittsburgh Interprofessional Education Working Group (presentation attached, below). As part of this development, I created a workbook for a interprofessional health sciences humanities course, with lesson plans centered around 5 different books. An example learning plan is attached, below.

Teaching Assistant Positions

University of Toronto

Critical Appraisal (PHM606) 
PharmD for Pharmacists Program
Course Coordinators: Mina Tadrous, PharmD, PhD, Tara Gomes, PhD
Evaluated final critical appraisal presentations and written assignments. Reviewed mid-term exam questions and content with students.Designed online content for 3 modules (see Lectures, below). 
Fall 2019, Winter 2020
Preparation for Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (PHM330)
PharmD Program
Course Coordinators: Sandra Mejia, PharmD, Naomi Steenhof, PharmD
Designed and delivered 1 lecture on bias and appraisal of a clinical trial. Prepared and graded critical appraisal learning materials and assessment. Graded clinical care plans on Parkinson’s Disease patient case. 
Winter 2018, 2019, 2020
Scientific Overviews in Epidemiology (CHL5418) 
Master in Public Health in Epidemiology Program
Course Instructors: Rebecca Liu, PhD 
Developed 5 literature review topics with Course Instructors per semester. Evaluated meta-analyses assignments and instructed select tutorials.
Average student evaluation rating: 4.7/5.0 
Winter 2018, 2019, 2020
Global Pharmaceutical Policy (PHM320/PHC470)
PharmD, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, PharmD for Pharmacists Programs
Course Instructor: Jillian C. Kohler, PhD
Facilitated in-class discussions of reading material, delivered 6 lectures, and graded midterm exams.
Fall 2017, 2018, 2019